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No case is to small for Ross & Suchoff, LLC to try and recover. Insurance carriers have a minimum dollar amount for claims they will refer out to an attorney to file suit. Cases that fall below that dollar amount most carriers are doing some work to try and collect and then either closing or sending to a collection agency but never filing suit.


Ross & Suchoff has started a department to handle those small dollar cases where there is a carrier on the other side who just won’t pay or the other side is self-insured but just won’t pay.


This is how it works:


Send me your old closed files that fit the above criteria with full settlement authority. Please go back as far as three years. Keep them closed on your end so that no one in the organization has them as pending or has any work to do.  All I need is the Police Report, Proofs and adverse carrier information. If I can collect money on a file I will just need a signed release.  If I am not successful I will just discard. There will be no other correspondence between my office and your staff.


There is no cost to the carrier and will not be any costs because we will not be filing suit.  We are just using our 25 years experience to get cases settled that are to small for suit.


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