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Ross & Suchoff, LLC is comprised of one attorney (Brian K. Suchoff) and eight para-legals concentrating solely on subrogation claims for a number of insurance carriers.


Brian K. Suchoff graduated the George Washington University in 1981 with a BA in Economics.  Brian went on to attend Brooklyn Law School and graduated in 1988.  He was admitted in 1988 to practice law in the States of New York and New Jersey.




Brian K. Suchoff started his legal career working for the firm of ROSS, SUCHOFF, TAROFF, EGERT & HANKIN, P.C. a firm founded by his father Martin L. Suchoff.  Mr. Suchoff started working there in 1985 when he started law school.  Immediately he started working on automobile property damage claims for self insured taxis.  Over the years he developed some insurance carrier clients and started to handle subrogation claims on their behalf.  Over the years the subrogation practice grew to the point where Mr. Suchoff decided that in order to properly service his clients and process the claims being assigned to him he would be better off in his own practice.


On July 17, 2002 he left his 5 partners and started his own firm ROSS & SUCHOFF, LLC.  The firm does one thing and one thing only that being subrogation on behalf of insurance carriers.  Over the past 10 years the firm has picked up many new clients and now employs eight full time para-legals to process the assigned claims quickly and efficiently.




Files sent to Ross & Suchoff, LLC for handling have usually been worked by the carrier who sent them so we place the claims into suit as soon as they are received.  A typical claim will be handled as follows:


1.  Review Claim - When the new assignment is received Mr. Suchoff reviews every file to make sure of a number of things including: Do we have all the information needed to commence an action?;   Is it economical for the client to have the firm commence an action based on the size of the claim and liability?; Is the adverse party actually an arbitration member so that the case should be placed into arbitration?


2.  Scan and File Number - File is then assigned a file number and scanned into the firm computer system.


3.  Letters - The following letters are then written (within 5 days of receipt of the claim):


A.  Acknowledgment letter to client;

B.  Claim letter to adverse party(s); and

C.   Letter to insured telling them the claim was assigned to the firm.


4.  Suit - Legal Papers are drafted and sent to be filed and served.  This process is as follows:


A.  A letter with a copy of the complaint will be sent to the client along with a bill for disbursements (see Disbursement Billing Attached);

B.  Client is notified when Complaint is served;

C.  Client is notified when an answer is received from Adverse;

D.  Once answer is received discovery is completed and the case is placed on the trial calendar;

E.  Case is either settled or tried, if it has to be tried we will notify and gather all witnesses and evidence that are needed.

F.   If adverse never answers we will enter a default judgement and have the adverse license and registration suspended and revoked until such time as they satisfy the judgement.  


5.  American Tranist Insurance, Country-Wide Insurance, The City of New York, Self-Insured Taxis - The firm handles hundreds of claims every year against these carriers and self-insureds who notoriously will not settle cases.  Turn around time from assignment to settlement is under 180 days.  We have special programs for high volume assignment of these claims.





The firm handles a high volume of inter-company arbitrations for its existing clients.  Most filings are in the automobile forum and the New York PIP Forum.  ROSS & SUCHOFF, LLC personally represents the client at every arbitration hearing at no extra cost to the client.





All files are handled on a contingency fee basis.  Fees are dependent on the volume of the claims being assigned, the types of claims, the parties being pursued, etc. (see Fee Scheduled attached).   




The firm has taken its many years experience in handling Plaintiff PD and subrogation cases to start a PD defense department.  We only defend PD claims and most of that work is defending law suits brought by taxi companies usually represented by Gerber and Gerber, Elliot Fishman, Scott Goldman and the other attorneys who regularly represent the Taxi’s and livery vehicles throughout the City.   Attached hereto is an explanation of how we handle and bill the claims.


Admitted to Practice Law:

State of New York (1988)

State of New Jersey (1988)

Federal District Court of New Jersey (1988)

Federal District Court of the Southern District of New York (1988)

Federal District Court of the Eastern District of New York (1988)


Association Memberships:

National Association of Subrogation Professionals


Arbitration Forums:

Certified Arbitrator - Automobile Property Damage

Certified Arbitrator - PIP


Listing Memberships:

National List of Attorneys

American Lawyers Quarterly

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