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Ross & Suchoff, LLC has been handling property damage files for over 25 years.  The firm started by handling first party claims for many taxi and livery companies in the State of New York and then started handling subrogation claims for various insurance carriers.  Presently the firm handles only subrogation claims on behalf of carriers.  The firms experience in handling PD claims for taxi and livery companies has enabled them to start a very successful defense department which handles claims brought by taxi and livery companies who have suffered a loss due to an accident with your company/insured.


Our approach when it comes to billing is different then other law firms in an attempt to allow the client to keep on their defense costs.


File will be handled as follows:                                                                                              


1.  Client sends law suit along with any evidence they have as to how the loss occurred to Ross & Suchoff;


2.  Ross & Suchoff will review the file;


3.  Ross & Suchoff will draft and serve an answer and discovery demands and have same filed with the court;


4.  Ross & Suchoff will then handle through trial finishing up all discovery and trying to resolve same amicably prior to trial.


Fee Schedule

Please contact the firm to discuss their flat fee rates.

Court Costs and Expenses:

These will be billed as expended.  There will be no billing for copies or postage unless for some reason it is an unusually large amount that is being expended and in that case the firm would get pre-approval before spending and billing.

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