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1270 Avenue of the Americas Suite 747
New York, NY 10020



When the new assignment is received Mr. Suchoff reviews every file to make sure of a number of things including: Do we have all the information needed to commence an action?  Is it economical for the client to have the firm commence an action based on the size of the claim and liability?  Is the adverse party actually an arbitration member so that the case should be placed into arbitration?

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Ross & Suchoff, LLC has been handling files at Arbitration Forums for over 15 years.  The firm handles both PIP claims and PD claims.  Brian Suchoff is certified by Arbitration Forums to hear PIP claims and PD claims.  It is this firms belief that every file submitted to Arbitration Forums should be personally represented at the hearings and at Ross & Suchoff we have come up with an economical way for your company to get that accomplished.

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Ross & Suchoff, LLC has been handling property damage files for over 25 years.  The firm started by handling first party claims for many taxi and livery companies in the State of New York and then started handling subrogation claims for various insurance carriers.  Presently the firm handles only subrogation claims on behalf of carriers.  The firms experience in handling PD claims for taxi and livery companies has enabled them to start a very successful defense department which handles claims brought by taxi and livery companies who have suffered a loss due to an accident with your company/insured.

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 No case is to small for Ross & Suchoff, LLC to try and recover.  Insurance carriers have a minimum dollar amount for claims they will refer out to an attorney to file suit.  Cases that fall below that dollar amount most carriers are doing some work to try and collect and then either closing or sending to a collection agency but never filing suit.

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